Amsoil Best oil?

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Apr 18, 2004
Anyone see this website?

I don't know much about oil, so its hard to know if this is accurate information. Any thoughts?

Would this oil be better for BMW compared to the BMW long life synthetic oil? Trying to decide if it makes sense to change from BMW oil, which i believe is made by castrol. Will likely have UOA done at next OCI in next month.

What are other BMW owners using?

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Uhm, that's an Amsoil website so I would suspect you would find some fairly pro-amsoil reading there. Mobil 1 will be fine in your Bimmer, I ran it for 160K miles in mine.
I realize it is an amsoil site. I was just curious if the test results were trustworthy.

Also, why Mobil 1 over the BMW long life oil?
Glad we have another Bimmer on board.
First5ny, I'll be using Mobil 1 for my next
fill. 4 litres of 10w30 mixed with 2 litres
of 15w50. This will give me the same or higher
HT/HS vis. of a A3 rated oil.

Originally posted by first5ny:
I realize it is an amsoil site. I was just curious if the test results were trustworthy.

Also, why Mobil 1 over the BMW long life oil?

Lubrizol does a lot of the Amsoil product testing. I was at a conference where the Lubrizol people showed the testing they do for not only Amsoil but many lubricant and equipment manufactures.
Ihope it ok to show this since he did so much work to find all this stuff but it is another tool in us making good choices about oil.
>>>I was just curious if the test results were trustworthy.

AMSOIL doesn't publish any test data unless it has been confirmed by an independent lab.
If they put up false info on a competing oil, you can bet your bottom dollar that the other oil's lawyers would be all over them!
I don't think Amsoil dry labs or otherwise rigs the tests for their oils, but then again they certainly don't always run against the oils from the same price range and the data they use from competitors may not be the latest formulation.
I was very pleased with the performance of the Amsoil 5w-30 that I just finished trying out. If the GC I put in in its place doesn't come around quickly, we'll be back to the Ams soon. See my concurrent thread.

While I like the product, and believe it is top-notch, I sometimes wonder about all that Amsoil blather. What relevance, for example, does the Four Ball Wear Test have to the conditions that exist in running a piston engine? I thought that was a test for greases??? Wouldn't a piston engine that managed to generate the same per area forces as are used in the 4BWT rip itself to shreds in short order???

Product - great. Advertising - ick. IMO, of course.
They must be doing something right or else everybody would not be trying to tear them down so much. When they can't fault the oil, they fault the testing or the markerting or the price. If this was all BS (testing, advertising) they would have been out of business years ago.
Mike & Pablo: You're both right, of course. It's not as if every other oil maker out there is running perfectly straight, factual ads while Amsoil is pushing it. In all candor, perhaps my reaction comes from already being convinced, and my subconscious mind shouting to me, "enough already, we know!" And at least they've got a solid product behind the hype (no, I'm not a dealer).
I tend to lump this in with the tv infomercials from deals like Prolong and ZMax....they always come out on top in everything....amazing
Amsoil is great oil, but man their marketing turns me off. Just rely upon your reputation, guys, and enough with the hyperbole and cherry-picked data!

just my 2 ppm,
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