AMSOIL base oils.

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Dec 9, 2003
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This from an eamil I recieved. So anyone wondering about their base stock. Here is some info.

AMSOIL utilizes a full spectrum of only premium synthetic base oils to create its products, which includes PAOs and multiple types of esters. AMSOIL treats synthetic base oils like additives, with each having its own set of unique properties, and combines them to obtain the best performance. Some AMSOIL products contain as many as four different base oils. Specific formulary information is considered proprietary.

Some or our products are made with Group III, others are not. Specific formulary information is proprietary.

Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX:
The problem is that many will assume that GIII is more frequently used.

How do I know how frequently GIII oils are or are not used?
The only Group III oils that AMSOIL sell are the XL line.

XLM 5W20
XLF 5W30
XLT 10W30
XLO 10W40.
Hope fully this should clear up my rather clumsy earlier post.
The XL line of Amsoil is yes group 3,as Schaeffers also uses group 3 in some products,and there is nothing wrong with this,both use a high level of Group 3 oils,and there is a difference in this with other brands and what refiners call high level grade group 3 or some just meet ,price can and does have a reflection on what you get in this,smaller blenders and lubricant manufactures often use the best they can find in bases as this. BL
Amsoil uses high quality additives and base oils. I wouldn't be concerned about the Group III. As long as it performs.
"Amsoil uses high quality additives and base oils."

Geez buster, enough of the strong sell.
Thanks Don, and from whom does Amsoil buy their base oils? Last year someone posted that Amsoil buys from ExxonMobil ("Mobil 1"-ish?); later someone said Amsoil buys from several suppliers. Anyone know for sure?
Yes, the XL line that is group III. All others are IV PAO I believe.

They used to have a syn blend in a diesel oil, (and was advertised as such)but I think it's been phased out.
It makes since to formulate oils with different types of base oils ie. pao's and esters. Each type of oil has it's own qualities. I think it is wonderful that each finished oil is thought out, tested, and performs very well. I really would not have a problem with pao's, esters, and group III's in one package if it worked great. Formulations are what Amsoil does best and the Bigboy's can make the base additives and Amsoil can make em work correctly for specific applications.
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