Amsoil ATM 10w-30

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Nov 16, 2002
I sent Amsoil if they have lowered the amount of zinc and P in this oil to meet API and Jim V said as of 6/3/03 they have not and the latest scan said P was 1112 and Z was 1235. So who knows. NOAK is down to an impressive 5%. Patman, this is a great oil for a C5 I would think! Very good price/performance ratio....can I say that?
Amsoil is defnitely a great oil for the C5, but I'd probably go with their 5w30 since it's a tiny bit thicker at 100c, and will offer that tiny bit faster flow on the cold start. It's funny how my opinions of 5w30 have changed, this time last year I much preferred 10w30 over 5w30, but now with all the recent results with good 5w30 synthetics and 5w30 Schaeffer blend, showing it not to thin out at all, makes me believe 5w30 truly is the way to go over 10w30.

Although I still wouldn't want to run 5w30 dino oil.
Based upon two UOA reports on the 10W30 (different engines) in the past few months they raised the Boron level slightly to around 20 ppm. Prior to that it was about non existent.
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