Amsoil ATF vs Specialty Formulations Autoglide ATF for 2003 Honda Accord

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Feb 19, 2006
Stewartstown PA
My wife's car has 63 k and am planning to do auto rx treatment for auto transmission. I had fluid changed once at 30k and it presently has amsoil atf. Auto rx recommends running another treatment after 50K. I emailed specialty formulations and they recommended running their fluid for 30K in a honda. Amsoil recomends 60 K for severe servie. Is Amsoil being too liberal in their lengthy recommendation, and is Specialty Formulations being too conservative with theirs? I would be interested in people's opinions with these fluids in Honda or other vehicle.
Molakule is a bit overly conservative with his recommendations, but that's for good reason.

Amsoil (and probably SF as well) could last 60k or more if you did a complete flush using the cooler lines, or even if you did three drain and fills.

As for which is better, the users of both have reported great results. Amsoil is more popular in the enthusiast community, but this is purely because most people have never heard of SF either. SF, though, does cost about 50% more per quart.

Your choice in the end.

spiderbypass stated; "I want to use specialty formulations, since Molakule strikes me as a talented, but humble genius who flies like "iceman.," in that he performs painstaking details before action. I also prefer Specialty Formulations "advertising" philosophy as it is the direct opposite of Amsoil's ubiquitous style."

Sage observation and right on, Mola is a scientist and his formulations reflect a well balanced formulation between applied science and cutting edge R&D using the latest chem technology. He's a great mechanic too!

I'm more a Tom Cruise type,
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And of course Amsoil's ATF full synthetic formula should not be so easily ruled out. There may be a reason for Amsoil's "ubiquitous style" other than advertising. It's the fact that it works well.

ubiquitous - present everywhere at once

I will also ask why the need for the AutoRx?? The car has low miles. You've had Amsoil ATF in for the last 30K. The transmission should be spotless.
I like amsoil products very much. I ran Amsoil 0w30 for over 18k with good wear rates, minimal thickening, and a tbn of 4.7..(also have oilguard bypass on car)

With regards to second question...Why not run auto rx at 63K?? as I am running auto rx in her engine now...It is a wonderful product from empirical data, and subjective posts...and there have been queastions about Honda's automatic transmission durability, which is also expensive to fix.
I have no problem with Amsoil products and have/do use them. I like SF for gear and ATF lubes. I think it is especially important to have an ATF will correct additives for the specific type of transmission you are running. I slowly been switching all my ATF over SF and have been completely happy with the oil. MolaKule is also a great guy to deal with, his customer service is great.
That's my next question, why are you going to AutoRX your tranny? If the fluid has been changed regulary and your not driving it via Formula 1 style, why bother? The ATF on Honda has been a frequent visitor to this site. I for one, think that Mola would brew a great batch for you, but I'd be iffy, at best, putting Amsoil in it. Honda is very picky about what goes into their AT's. So much so that if you had a failure and it was under warranty, you may be SOL. The reason, Honda does not list their ingredients in their MSDS, so finding an adequate protection fluid would be, at best, a guess. Plus with that amount of miles, I am going to assume that you have a 7th generation Accord. A lot of the previous AT problems have been fixed by Honda.
Lemme see Schmoe - Amsoil has worked great in many Honda trannies, he's been running it for 30K miles with no issues....but it's "iffy at best". OTOH, Honda is 100% OK with "Mola would brew a great batch for you"???
I am planning to do complete flush per frank at auto rx recommendation. I want to use specialty formulations, since Molakule strikes me as a talented, but humble genius who flies like "iceman.," in that he performs painstaking details before action. I also prefer Specialty Formulations "advertising" philosophy as it is the direct opposite of Amsoil's ubiquitous style.
I suspect Amsoil might have an edge when it comes to field testing capabilities in conjunction with their additive suppliers. There are also many thousands of folks using Amsoil ATF in Honda/Acura applications all across North America with no issues.

I have also used the Amsoil ATF in vehicles that supposedly require special fluids and have had good results, meaning, good shift quality, no unexplained leak issues, and long fluid life (especially with good cooling). I would still like to hear from you if you decide to go with the SF, and tell us how it compares to the Amsoil fluid, you know, first impressions like shift quality, etc. Are you changing it all out every 30K miles or just a drain 3 quarts and refill?
For comparison purposes, I am leaning towards going with the Specialty Formulations. I simply drained and filled with Amsoil 30 K ago, and transmission has worked fine. I know it will not be a fair comparison in that will do complete flush before adding Specialty Fromulations. Incidentally, I gave my brother extra Amsoil fluid for his 1987 Buick Grand National. He did a complete flush and reported better shift quality with the Amsoil ATF. Nontheless, I am going with the Specialty Formulations. I had one question with regards to customer service with Specialty Formulations. Is there a number to call and talk with them, or strictly email.
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