AMSOIL ASL 5w-30 3,575 miles 1995 Mark VIII

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Dec 13, 2002
North Carolina
Here is another old report from my mother-in-laws 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII. This was the only sample I sent off. It is AMSOIL ASL 5w-30. This vehicle saw very short miles as 
well, 2 miles each way into town to shop at Piggly Wiggly. No major highway use at all 
and the oil was in the vehicle for 18 months. SDF11 oil filter and Carquest air filter.

OIL            AMSOIL ASL 5w-30      
MILES IN USE    3,575                  
MILES           40,772                  
SAMPLE TAKEN    6/17/2007             

ALUMINUM         4 			               
CHROMIUM         2			              
IRON            21			             
COPPER          16			             
LEAD             0 			               
TIN              0			                
MOLYBDENUM       5 			            
NICKEL           2 			              
VANADIUM         0			               
SILVER           0               	 
TITANIUM         0     			           
POTASSIUM        0			               
BORON           31		                    
SILICON         15			             
SODIUM           5 			             
CALCIUM       1671		               
MAGNESIUM      723			            
PHOSPHORUS     621		                  
ZINC           754		                 
BARIUM           2			        
INSOLUBLES      0.40		                     
WATER (KF-PM)   1392                   
SUS VIS 40C       67
SUS IS	100C	11.6                
Flashpoint /F    250		          
Fuel%		<1.87		                
Antifreeze%      0.0		                 
TBN              3.2
TAN		 2.8
OXIDATION    	  62
NITRATION          6
SOOT               0
Very low flashpoint due to water and fuel. I would be changing that particular engine more frequently with cheaper oil. Some engines can take the short trips, this one doesn't appear to be handling it the best, although wear isn't super high its not low either. Also the insolubles are high due to poor filtration, i would check the air filter for damage and upgrade to a tougher filter like the Fram Ultra or Tough Guard if you want to spend the extra money.
I suspect the flashpoint is 250C. They report in terms of Flashpoint C/Flashpoint F. The iron is most likely from rusting of cylinder walls and cam surfaces due to long periods of non-use.
That is not AMSOIL Sig series ASL.. it has 150+ppm of moly. That's a different oil.. Please change title cause that's a misrepresentation..
Perhaps the formulation has changed a bit in the past 7 years, while the stock number has remained the same? Far as I can remember, ASL has been the AMSOIL stock number for their 5W-30 (originally the only, now top-of-the-line) since it first came out many years ago.
It was indeed called ASL back in 2007, as I bought some of it back in 2007 and remember it distinctly. I actually still have my UOA from that oil bought back in 2007 and it had around 50ppm of Moly.
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