Amsoil and LC20 = 50,000 mile OCIs

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Jun 29, 2005
E. Texas
I've been reading some old threads and I read one where Amsoil says its oil can go 25,000 miles before a change is due (in fact, I think they give an engine warranty to that effect). I've also read where LubeControl says using LC20 will prolong your oil (dino oil) to 10,000 miles which is double the normal life expectancy of dino. BTW, I use LC20 and FP60 and think they are indeed very good products. So, extending this out, does it make sense that using Amsoil with LC20 could get me 50,000 mile OCIs? I have a new Honda truck and of course I won't do this because I want to stay within the framework of Honda's warranty so it is a what-if kind of question. I put a max of 10,000 miles a year on my trucks and trade every 5 years. The most miles I've ever had on at trade-in time was 58,000. I could I suppose change oil once, use LC20 as suggested along with the Amsoil, do a periodic UOA once or twice and do nothing more than top-off when needed (although I might want to change the filter once or twice). Maybe we are coming to this and it just may not be as far fetched as one might think.
I would assume that Amsoil has something that prolongs it to the 25k range as is...It may be similar to LC20(?). So, adding LC20 wouldn't give any benefit (?).
I'm not even sure LC helps all that much and 25,000 in and of itself is a very limited application. Simple gifts is correct. You are limited to one year MAX, regardless. The only way around this is with UOA's. If you want to use LC, go for it. But what are you trying to "cure"?
My thoughts were similar, the catera's manual says you can go 3x the normal 3k miles on that car, m1 ep says it can go 5 times, (so far were at 8x) LC doubles it (16x) although im sure i could come up with more ill just start changin my oil on that car at 96k miles... sound good?
Once you get to 10 or 12k miles with something like Amsoil, you might want to consider a uoa before going on to 25k miles. If there is even a small problem with your engine, you might be in for problems by stretching the oci. I'll bet that some people get out there around 10k miles and skip the uoa and just change the oil.
In a perfect world with a almost perfect oil filter system your oil may go past a year. But if you do know your risking the engine life.I know a guy who drove his KIA 60K on .59 a quart dino oil.It still ran but he traded it off so we never knew what the oil condition was.
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