Amsoil ACD 10w-30 diesel oil question.

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Jun 17, 2006
New York
Does anyone know if this is a group 3, 4, or 5 synthetic? Would it be OK to run in it small gas engines,(lawn mowers, generators, etc) or gasoline car engines? I bought some for my tractor and was wondering if it could be used, without problems, in the other engines.
[Welcome!] I have been using Amsoil ACD 10-30 for over 22 years in my Diesel Engines, Gas Engines, Lawnmowers...etc. Very Good Oil it's a full group 5 synthetic oil Pao, esters,etc. My last run of this oil was in my 3.8 liter Chrysler engine with 190,000 miles on it. The oil went 10K. My 6.9 Diesel with bypass went 25K in it's years. I fill my riding and push lawn mowers each Spring with it and run it for the season. No problems at all.
Not open for further replies.