Amsoil 25k interval: printed on the bottle?

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Jun 11, 2002
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Originally posted by 3 Mad Ponchos:
Just wondering if the 25,000-mile interval actually appears on the bottle labels anywhere, or if that's just in their ad copy.

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The ASL 5w30 and ATM 10w30 have it printed on the back of the bottle, along with 12500 miles Filter change recommendations as well as the 1 year stipulation.

The Series 2000 0w30 TSO has 35,000 miles or 1 year along with the 12500 mile filter change info.

Keep in mind this is for mechanically sound engines driven under normal circumstances. Short trips, dusty conditions, towing, racing, etc... will shorten that interval.

Also refer to the Oil Change Interval Chart that is in PDF located here:

Lastly, you can extended drain intervals indefinately by using oil analysis, bypass filtration.
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Don't know what the bottle says, but the website has upped the mileage for non-turbos...I don't think I have ever known anyone who put 35K on their personal, not-used-for-business vehicle in one year


In personal cars and light-duty trucks with non-turbocharged gasoline engines: change the oil at 35,000-mile or one-year intervals, whichever comes first

PS This is for the S2K 0W30.

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Originally posted by pscholte:
I don't think I have ever known anyone who put 35K on their personal, not-used-for-business vehicle in one year

I do (55 mi commute to work, all freeway), but I would never run any oil 35K!

Please note the phrase: "When used in mechanically sound engines"....

On the rare occasions when I run into serious problems with customers using Amsoil, it generally turns out the engine is running very poorly and dumping all sorts of contamination into the oil. This includes things like clogged PCV valves, fouled plugs,manfunctioning oxygen sensors, and EGR valves that are stuck open with carbon deposits. Once in a great while I'll run into a coolant leak, but those tend to be fairly obvious.

Folks who aren't dilligent about engine maintenance are very poor candidates for extended drain synthetic lubes. OTOH, if you keep the vehicle tuned up and running well, you can use the extended drain Amsoil protocol and still get very low wear rates and excellent engine cleanliness. I've got about 500k of total experience doing this on my personal vehicles over the past 25 years with 0 oil related problems.

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