AMOCO ultimate synthetic oil!

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May 31, 2002
St. Charles County, Missouri
I would bet that it's probably PAO, before the Castrol case wasn't syn. really syn? Interesting you bring up Amoco. Must have had a brain fart and began thinking of Amoco LDO while waiting in traffic yesterday. [ March 11, 2003, 05:33 PM: Message edited by: csandste ]
I have a quart of this OLD amoco ultimate 100 percent synthetic oil in my garage... its the cylinder carboard OLD school quarts... probably from early mid 80's... it says 1 year/25k miles LOL... i think it also says it has petroleum base stocks... anyone remember this stuff?
Amoco, formerly Standard Oil of Indiana, was the first US company to produce PAO's starting in 1929. In 1984, Amoco introduced the Ultimate line of synthetic crankcase oils for gasoline and diesel engines. All Amoco PAO's are purchased.
Here is a rhetorical thought, and indeed a pricey one: Open the can and send the oil off for an analysis. I would be interested to see the oxidation and TBN numbers of an unused PAO/Ester oil of that age (or "vintage"). *lol* My memory is rusty on a Mobil 1 technical paper I cited a rather log useable shelf life for the product. 60 months? Any takers on this one?
I work for what used to be Amoco, now BP. At one time we could buy the Amoco Ultimate Synthetic motor oil for $1.50 a quart. It was about twice that in stores. What a steal, and it was a good oil too. Amoco oil in general was good oil. My dad ran an Amoco station from the mid 60's to the late 70's. I have seen several engines that used Amoco oil taken apart and they looked very clean. For a long time Amoco made all the Ford spec oil that went in new Fords. Les
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