Ammonia smell after changing to GC?

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Jul 13, 2005
New Hampsha
Hey guys...this is a little weird. I changed out to the GC on Saturday. Previous oil was M1 5W30. I stop every morning at my dumpster to toss out the bag of cat crap from the litter box.

AS I get out of my car I can smell what smells like bleach or ammonia...I thought it must be coming from the dumpster...sniff test...nope...lots of other bad smells but not the one I am concerned about. As I walk around the back of the car to pinpoint the smell I notice steam coming out of the tailpipe which is not that uncommon this time of year in New England mornings....sure enough the smell is coming from the exhaust!

Car seems to be running ok and it didn't explode on the way to work...when I got here of course all the condensation that may have been in the exhaust is dried smell

Any idea? Never smelt this before so thats why I posted here to see if anyone knows what it might be?
Funny story. I can tell you that GC does not smell like ammonia whether it's new or used. The smell could be from one of the following:
1. emissions from engine since cat. converter was not warmed up yet
2. coolant leak
3. a cat ****** in your tailpipe the night before

I suspect it was #1 above. I describe that smell as like paint fumes though. Coolant leaks smell kind of sweet so I doubt it's that.
toss out the bag of cat crap from the litter box.

That's just a red herring to throw us off the to speak

Although burning coolant can smell really funkie - I'm not sure ammonia or bleach come to mind. Can be acrid, though.

Does GC contain any alkanolamines?

As a parting comment - I have noticed that some fuels are stinking up the joint coming out the back end. Did you just refuel?
As a matter of fact I did just refuel last night hmmmmm Citgo 87 octane from a 7-11...I very rarely fill up at that place but 2.30 a gallon was too good to drive by (isn't it sad to be saying that???)
I seriously doubt it was the fuel. My bet is that the exhaust fumes you were sniffing screwed with your head a little.
I would say its your CAT or kitty cat. also I have heard that if your exhaust stats to smell bad like eggs or whetever. that it might be a sign of it going bad.
GC, given its chameleonic nature in both color and fragrance (it does NOT "smell") has been accorded many adjectives but ureic is decidedly NOT one of them.
That smell is really there coming out of the tailpipe. Only started after switching over to the GC...No biggy as the car is running fine...just wondering why the smell now after the oil change?

Only notice in the morning too after car has been sitting overnight
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