American Airlines Pilots and Flight Attendants Unions Say They Can’t Find Hotel Rooms


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
Hotels are so full- aircrews are challenged to find lodging.


Complaints another sign of air travel’s growing pains, as surge in demand this summer overwhelms tourism hot spots, hotels, airports""​

IMHO- traveling this summer is a very high price for a lot of hassle and poor experiences. Save the money, have fun at home, and go travel off peak.

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Hotel rooms are available.

When you read the article, this is more an issue of American Airlines failing to provide its crewmembers with hotel rooms, and the crewmembers having to scramble at the last minute or wait for hours to talk to their Crew Desk/Hotel schedulers.
I am not in industry but this incompetence of American Airlines company travel service to book hotels. I have done IT consulting for a few airlines and they have booked for me.
I was on the road for 2 weeks/9 states, and put 3000 miles on the motorcycle, pictured left... picture taken in North Carolina. We didn't so much have a problem finding hotel rooms... but the prices were up and the experience was mixed.

Hotel experience was bad in some places, while restaurant experience was bad in other places. One hotel we were in, it was painfully obvious that we were in a room, that no one had slept in for months or years. The bottom of the bathtub was covered with dust and dirt, and the room smelled exactly as you would expect when we opened the door and walked into it. We asked other guests, and heard the same thing. We stayed there for three days and never saw anyone cleaning rooms, never saw a room service cart in the hallway. They had signs posted if you wanted room service, you had to ask for it. No breakfast either, other than a microwavable breakfast burrito and coffee. The underlying problem appeared to be staffing issues.

In some places, we had trouble finding restaurants to eat at. Either you waited an hour for a table, and then another hour for food... or they closed up for the day at 6pm, or the dining room was completely closed altogether. Because we were on motorcycles, we were considered as "walk-ups", and they didn't want to provide food to us through the drive through. Also had issues in just getting a pizza delivered to the hotel. We found that in some towns, it was easier/quicker/less frustrating to find a grocery store and buy food, and then eat it back at the hotel. Again, the underlying problem seemed to be staffing issues.

In one mountain town in NC, it had two gas stations. One evening, one station ran out of gas completely, the other only had 87 octane. That was a bit concerning, but there was a larger town with a casino about 15 miles away. I doubt it had that same problem.

Our experience was, the farther that you were from an interstate, the worse it got. However, some hotels and restaurants were exactly as would have been expected, two years ago.
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We are getting our 5th wheel loaded for some mini-vacations near home this year. New grand daughter and one that is 7 are needing us somewhat available so Yellowstone is out this year. Even the campgrounds have limited available spaces. I guess many are tired of political and Covid lock downs and want to get out. I know we have been waiting for this get-a-way.
These are startup issues. It’s a long weekend up here and the ferries between the lower mainland and Vancouver Island are solidly booked. People want to get out and travel. We need to bear with it and get the economy moving. Let’s roll !