Amazon Prime Air Develops First Remote-Control Drone That Doesn’t Break By End of Christmas Day


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
“For years we’ve been excited to get Prime Air off the ground for wider availability, but our remote-control drone delivery technicians always got a little too excited and ran them too hard into wall, ceiling or rooftop somewhere,” said Prime Air spokesman Zane Phillips. “No matter how much we spent on the R&D for each device model, they’d be exciting to fly around for about 10 minutes before they were irreparably smashed and done for. We can now safely say we have a model that can make it to at least New Year’s Day.”

My prime delivery by Christmas Eve present just arrived today. Glad it was just a goofy small item or I would have been annoyed at the least.
It took a full 2 days maybe 3 before it left Amazon, ordered last Sunday for "get it by Dec 24" Delivery. I knew darn well when it still didnt ship by Wed it wouldnt make it.

I dont like Amazon but I use them like they use the public. Every Dec I take them up on their free 30 day trial of Amazon prime for whatever packages I order from them and then cancel in Jan when the 30 days are up. Low price always wins but I dont nearly find those low prices exclusive to Amazon.