Amazon Fire TV vs. Roku?

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Jun 2, 2009
Anyone have any experience with Amazon Fire TV or the latest Roku? Particularly interested if you have experience with both of them and can do a compare/contrast. I am an Amazon Prime member.
Amazon likes to lock down their devices so you pay them for the service. Their phones have their own app store and you have zero accesses to the regular app store. Now netflix and other services are supported but I'd bet they are significantly less many of them available. I'd go with roku it works fine with basically all services. You can find em for cheaper.
I have a roku HD and it is great, with Prime Streaming. I love the service. Also you can run a webserver from your PC called roConnect, and play your own videos on the roku. I will now need one of those 4tb hard drives.
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I've had several Rokus. They are amazingly awesome. Would highly recommend.
Same here. My first was a Roku 2 XS which is still in use on one TV. My other is a Roku Streaming stick which came with the new JVC 55" TV that I bought a handful of months ago. I use it to stream Netflix, Watch ESPN, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc. and it works great.
I have a Roku 3 for almost a year and it works really well, nice design, nice controller. An important note to Canadians though - an Apple TV is easier to set up to watch American Netflix. Roku once you purchase and register it, you are forced into a Zone. I set up Apple TV with youtube help and it took 10 mins to get American Netflix working flawlessly just by changing DNS and setting it to US. Another thing is American Netflix as more B+ and AA titles than Canadian Netflix, which is mainly C and D rated films. Hope this helps!!
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Depending on what you would like to do with the device, it would change my recommendation. What would you like to do with the device?
Have you used Plex at all? Depending on the videos you are viewing, plex is an awesome way to distribute your personal media collection.
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