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Jul 30, 2012
Montreal, QC, Canada
Hey guys, I want to buy a hose and filter for my Mr. Heater and it is a PITA to find in a store. Do you think ordering from is wise? Or will it be even more of a PITA? I hate ordering online and having stuff delivered. Is it reliable? Bad experience? Good? I am tired of looking for grommets in the store nowadays! is very different from, night and day.......... If you can find a good price and it's qualifies for free shipping you'll be good. is a sad sad cousin to It's just like Netflix and all the other things the Canadian goverment gets their fingers in to keep us unique!
Is the only warehouse that has the hose and filter? Because they ship from Arizona California, Delaware, Indiana,Kansas,Kentucky,Nevada,New Hampshire,Pennsylvania,South Carolina,Tennessee,Texas,Virginia and Washington
I think I can get free shipping. Went to another CT today and they didn't have the accessories I wanted. PITA. I'll try I guess.
Placed the order on Will get the stuff mid October, the 10' hose stocked out. I'm not in a rush, especially since the shipping was free.
I've ordered a couple things from, no problems and usually show up in 2 days even choosing the 5-7 day shipping option.
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I've bought lots of stuff from and have nothing but good things to say about them.
+1. Although like someone already mentioned, the selection on compared to is pathetic. But if they have what you want, there's no issue.
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