Amazon Basics 0W-40 Euro 5-qt $6.72 @ AMZ limit 6

The 0w-40 is gone again. The 5w-20 syn-blend is at ~12 right now for 5qt jugs. Not near as good of a deal but still not a bad deal.
IF the amazon basics is the same as Mag 1 0w-40, it is 45-70% PAO!

This past tuesday, I awoke at 2am.. couldn't sleep and fired up my phone. On a whim I clicked the link and low and behold, there was one jugs being shown at 6.73 . I ordered it, a couple of other things to free shipping and in theory I'll have my jug in mid Feb.
I had almost given up on this deal as most of the time I just get re-directed to the 5W-20.
one other time I did see the 0W-40 at the great price but it vanished before I could order it.
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Same here, I have never seen the 0w40 pop up the entire time this thread has been going.

I automatically get directed to the 0w20 page every time I click on the link or search for Amazon basics 0w40