Amazing increasing volume oil

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Dec 10, 2003
I put 4qts of M1 in my SAAB a week ago. Since the thing takes 4.2 it was slightly above halfway on the stick when warm. When I just checked the level yesterday it was slightly above the line on the stick! This was after a long drive and a good hour or so of cooldown. level surface. What gives??
Slightly above the full line? Hot oil has more volume to it than cold oil so that would make it read higher on the stick. I know nothing about a Saab, but on a carburated Ford, Chevy, or Dodge an ever growing oil level is a good indicater of a bad fuel pump. But I have to guess the Saab is fuel injected with an electric fuel pump like most newrer cars. Check it again cold this morning and see what it reads. [Smile]
Several things could be happening. First, was the car exactly on level both time you checked? Second, the first time when it was below the full line had you waited enough time for complete drain down back into the pan? If the volume is really growing then something other than motor oil is mixing itself into the oil. A quick $20 oil analysis will tell you if coolant or fuel are getting mixed in. John
I think I'm going to do an analysis. I keep a very close eye on coolant levels and they seem to stay very stable. I'm thinking that it could be the valve in the filter, or I didn't wait long enough for it to drain back down. Mostly, I'm running with the filter idea.
Do you have any friends or co-workers who know that you always check your oil and know where you leave your keys? Just an idea. I know some guys who love to play tricks on each other. Buy a new car and they dump some fresh oil or some antifreeze on the ground under where you park. That will freak out a guy with a brand new pickup. Or the guy who bragged about his fuel mileage every day. Co workers added a little fuel to his tank every day so that his mileage kept increasing for about a month. Then they started siphening a little every day. Guy went nuts over that one. Watch your "friends".
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