Amalie Universal Synthetic ATF

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Apr 19, 2004
New York
I have an opportunity to buy this fluid for less than $4 a quart. I have read the previous posts on it (and Wolfs Head which is the same fluid) and I know that its virtually impossible to have a fluid that works well in all applications.
How do you think it would do in:
1) a GM 4T65E that originally called for DexIII
2) an 08' Corolla that calls for T-IV
3) an 01' Accord that calls for Honda Z-1

Would it work equally as good as the OEM, better or worse?
Its not virtually impossible. Most required specs are pathetic.

Amalie, or any other universal/multivehicle ATF, will work fine in your 3 applications.
I am using this in my problem-atic U140F AWD my Lexus.So far,this is the best fluid I have put in it.Smells God awful,but works great!
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Thanks guys.

I'm least concerned about the Buick because its synthetic and should work fine where Dex III is called for. I also think it would be no problem replacing T-IV in a Corolla.
It's the Honda that I worry about because its problematic even with the OEM Z-1. I'll probably pick up a case since the price is so good.
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