Amalie OOil

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Jul 6, 2004
New Hampshire
Went to a new garage for the first time for an oil change last week and found out after the oil change they use Amalie(sp?) oil. What is the collective wisdom of this board? Good oil? New member, so I thought I would ask those alot smarter than me. Thanks in advance.
I've never heard of that, but it might have been Amsoil, or Amway (if they have oil)?
Amalie, now I havent heard that name in many years. I vaguely remember putting that into my dads old '68 Belair. Had to use the pointed can opener to punch a triangle hole in the top of the can. Actually two holes, opposite each other in the top of the can. Havent seen this oil in Texas recently. Maybe a good oil.
I believe it was moved to Florida in 1997. They did produce Dinos, Blends, Synthetics, and HDEO Oils. I know some Florida Truck Fleets used to run their HDEO. They also used to have a fairly significant following in Drag Racing in the South East. I think they used to call the Dino PCMO Imperial. The Synthetic was Elixir and I dont remember the blend. I saw some jugs of the Extended Drain XLO at a Truck Stop in Florida with CI-4 so they must still be in business. Not sure who owns them now or if they still have a facility in Tampa. I believe they primarily blend for private labels. They also sell alot in Central and South America.

Might be interesting to try to run some VOA's on some of their oils as they are not a well known. I always wondered what you would get if you put all the add budget into the oil.

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They used to have a radio ad a few years back, it was pretty hokey:

"From Framinghamalie Masachusetts to Birminghamalie Alabamalie"
Suggest checking their Website. There is a ton of info there, and history. They were twins with Kendall. I will not go into detail here that you can find there.
Bottom line, at one time it was one of the finest around. Now, still quite good, especially their XLO and super XLO for fleet use.

10 or 15 years ago Witco Chemical Co. owned both the Kendall and Amalie brands. THey were fine motor oils back then.

Who owns them now? Who knows?
I remember when I was a kid back in the 60s hung out at a corner gas station where the owner raced a stock car (that was my automotive kindergarten).
They used to swear by Amalie oils.
From Hoover's Online:


Amalie Oil Company, Inc.
1601 McCloskey Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33605 (Map)
Phone: 813-248-1988
Fax: 813-248-1488
Toll Free: 800-231-3133

Covered by Daysha Taylor

No one can mix up oil like grandma does. Amalie Oil blends and supplies lubricants and other oil products including motor oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, and greases. To control costs, the company also manufactures its own bottles to store its products. Amalie Oil, which markets its products worldwide, has distribution operations in Dallas; Jacksonville, Florida; and Los Angeles. The Sonneborn brothers founded the company (named for their grandmother) in 1903. Lubricants firm Petroleum Packers acquired Amalie Oil in 1998 and Petroleum Packers changed its name to Amalie Oil.

It would be nice to know more, but at least we know it is an independent company, albeit after the company who purchased it made a name change.
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