Am now using (very amber color) Edge 0w40

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Nov 18, 2014
Did an oil change and used Edge 0w40 for the first time.

It is the most amber color new oil I've ever used. Pretty much every other oil I've ever used has been clear when new.

On startup, I didn't see any oil pressure warning light. I haven't taken the vehicle for much of a drive yet, but the wife could tell there was new oil in the sump and said the engine felt smoother.

I may reduce my oci in future. With our driving patterns, I think hours of operation are a better indicator of when to change.
for people like me who have daily drivers who go 1 mile to work,store,errands ect... a mechanic who use to be an emissions specialist said to change the oil once a year. on one of our trucks that went probably 600 miles last YEAR, the oil was black like my work truck that gets 600 miles a week and gets 5k intervals. the cost of driving goes up but it doesnt hurt i suppose.
I put the Castrol Edge 0W-40 (european formula) in our 1985 Olds 88 about a week ago. I was surprised that along with GC there is now another (european formula) oil being offered by Castrol. So far this car runs well on this oil. And the 0W means it will crank well when the thermometer goes south.
BTW no oil light after start up with a new oil change means that something is wrong with your low oil pressure switch circuit. Look for a loose (disconnected) wire, and if you don't find a disconnected wire you probably have to replace the low oil pressure sending switch.
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I switched to this in my Ecoboost F150 and it loves it! From here on in it's nothing but A3 rated oils for that engine. And 40 weight oil is NOT too thick for it IMHO.

I agree with you about the 40w not being too heavy. It's really not much difference. I'd rather see a 40w than a 20w in an ecoboost. That is my dream truck. I'd run pp with a ultraguard on it and the pp would be 5w30 but that's just me.
I'd love to run M1 0w40 in my Ecoboost, but I'm running M1 EP 5w30, and I think it is more than adequate for the heat and stress that engine may produce. I wouldn't hesitate to run the 0w40, though.

I am running M1 0w40 in my Jeep, however, and it runs fine, just the same as it did on 0w20 when I tried it once. I may stick with it.
I am using it in my Mitsubishi, and I haven't had any bad experiences with it. My car says to use 5w30 in the USA, except for severe cold, then use 0w40. In Europe, it calls for 0w40 year round.

I use 0w40 because it seems to work well in all the other turbocharged gasoline engines.
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