Am I the only one who goes around smelling oil cans.

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Jan 26, 2003
I'm just wondering If I have a problem, or does everyone do this.
I find myself sniffing every oil can just to get a whiff of it, I realy don't know why. And for some reason I also like the smell of burning oil. I made a post a while ago about my engine leaking. The valve cover started leaking oil, but instead of changing the seal I drove around for a couple of weeks toping it off just to smell the oil burning off the engine. After that I changed the gasket and degreased the engine. Have I gone kookoo
Stay away from 300V if you've already got a problem. You'll be hooked for life!
Since dogs are quite fond of sniffing other dogs' butts, I imagine sniffing oil cans ain't too bad in comparison, although a burning oil smell fetish might be cause for concern??? I'll consult with my Golden Retriever and get back to ya...
You're sick!!
I guess it beats sniffing glue. Hey wait! I understand that GC smells like gummy bears. Hum! Maybe I might start sniffing this stuff. On second thought, you're not sick after all.
GC does smell good, I was so tempted to lick the dribbles from the bottle after pouring.
I do that too mostly to see if I can tell different brands by smell alone ( I always think that I may be getting plain Drive Clean in a Mobil 1 bottle one of our sister companies made bottles filled Mobil 1 Agip and some cheap store brands as well they only had two tanks to fill all that stuff from....) but then
even same brands varry from grade to grade hmm... I am bam-boo-zzled
my wife's old clunker that leaked oil onto something hot smelled much better running pennzoil.

Originally posted by Rick:
sniffing every oil can

The fact that you say oil can tells me you have been doing this a long time. It's oil bottles to noobies.

I still haven't gotten over the loss of the 24-can case of oil. 12 cans (or bottles) is something less -- but not a case.
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