Alternative Oil For my 11 second Z28?

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Sep 7, 2002
Ladysmith, Wisconsin
I currently use Mobil 1 10w30 in my LT1 Z28 with cam, 3500 stall, 3.73s, blah blah blah....

It just seems so "thin" and it seeps out of a few places. (one or two drips a week)

I change the oil in the car very often just as something to do or after beating on it for awhile. It ends up usually being about 2000 miles.

I dont care if the oil is dino, synth blend, or full synth. I just want something that

I dont want to pay for Redline. I would like to try Schaeffers, but I am worried about shipping being a lot.

What oil would you guys recommend?
I used to run 15W40 and now have 10W30 #703 Schaeffers in my Pontiac GTO. This engine has been modified for improved performance also and gets beat on at times
. So far no leaks
(since I fixed a block core plug) and this is especially good 'cause old Pontiac V8s are not known for be very leak free.

Shipping on my case of oil was $.50/qt.

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Even with shipping it'll cost less than Mobil 1, however it's not really much thicker than Mobil 1 though. You could also try Amsoil 10w30, which is almost a 10w40.

To fix those minor leaks, if one of them isn't the intake leak that is, try out Auto-rx.
i'll second what patman said, schaeffer's is cheaper even shipped.

if you really want something available locally, how about M1 0W40?

or, a friend of mine open tracked his LS1 mercilessly, even in the middle of a texas summer with debris blocking the radiator and the temp gauge hovering just short of red. he did all of this with M1 15W50. i think the car has ~50,000 miles on it, now, and it has dynoed higher every time we strapped it down. (he changes oil every 3k miles, whether the car has been raced or not.)

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