?Alternative longer filter for GM Venture 3.4l v6

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Oct 17, 2008
ontario canada
I just went to Napa, they have a great 60% off sale on their Gold Filers!!! For my Chevy 2005 Venture, they supplied a NAPA 1040. Kind of a short stubby filter. Is there any other longer filter that will fit?
Part Number: 51036 UPC Number: 765809510364 Principal Application: GM Cars + Trucks (80-05), Mercruiser, Volvo-Penta All Applications Style: Spin-On Lube Filter Service: Lube Type: Full Flow Media: Paper Height: 4.828 Outer Diameter Top: 2.921 Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed Thread Size: 18X1.5 MM By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: None Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes Beta Ratio: 2/20=12/26 Burst Pressure-PSI: 325 Max Flow Rate: 7-9 GPM Nominal Micron Rating: 19 Gasket Diameters Number O.D. I.D. Thk. Attached 2.734 2.430 0.226
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