alternative containment for UOA

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
For my four lab evaluation I collected the big sample is a large mouth qt. canning jar. I cleaned it very well, triple rinsed with distilled water, flushed twice with 90% IPA, and dried in warm oven. I used a new lid. Did not add any detectable error to the analysis.
I found a cheap pyrex container at Wally Mart for a buck or two. Worked pretty good and with the form-fitting lid, as the oil cooled it created its own vaccum seal. [Smile] Luckily Blackstone has been really good about the sample kits after that first one. Cheers, 3MP
I saw a thread that discussed this a little a while ago, but after searching, I came up with nothing. My dilemma is this - I'm changing my oil today, and still haven't received an oil kit from blackstone. I would like to take a sample of this oil and then change it into the container that blackstone provides. The least contaminated container I could think of is a 20oz. spring water bottle (emptied and thoroughly dried, of course). Better alternative out there?
I'm not sure if the thin water bottle plastic will handle the heat if you are changing your oil when hot. You might want to consider a thoroughly cleaned and dried glass jar with a lid.
How about one of the containers from the fresh oil you just placed in the engine. If anything, sway results on the good side but if you place enough in the container it should pose no material risk to alter results.
That's exactly what I did... got a little microwaveable tupperware container from Target. I didn't get a chance to wash it out, though. Think they'll be any problems?
Nah, I doubt it's any more contaminated than the bottle you get in the sample kit. Unless it's like visibly sludged or slimy or something. [freaknout] Cheers, 3MP
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