Alternate thoughts on using HPL

Apr 15, 2010
Folks , what happened with the store shelf oils vs the specialty oils here recently? A while back lots of people on BITOG encouraged
people to "save your money and buy off the shelf at walmart or supertech etc..." I thought that was decent advice even though to each his own.
Now lately one of the hot topics here has been HPL. From what I have read is some very impressive / higher priced fluids. I am always
reading about every word I can about lubrication & companies. Is the latest interest in HPL mainly because some have found that their
long time favorites keep changing formulations or are being to difficult answering when contacted? I do see that HPL is very impressive and a consumer friendly manufacturer/supplier just exactly as you always want a really proud and confident company to be. They
also seem to back up their product with all the info they can get to the customers.
IMHO one of the most interesting things regarding HPL have been the oil filter media photos (Before/After) which show the amount of deposits HPL has removed from engines which have had "normal" maintenance on other oils.

Of course when it comes to offering recommendations context is everything. Specifically the users intended oil change interval (5k vs 10k).

Out of my own curiosity I have HPL 5w30 (ACEA C3) in the sump of my BMW. Going to run it for a year and take a look at the filter along with a UOA for viscosity/TBN.
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Jul 12, 2012
Caldwell Idaho
WalMart no longer carries their house 10w-40 Blend on the shelves which led me to seek out another w-40 oil. They also don't carry much in the M1 brand. The M1 0W-40 used to be plentiful but not so much now. I've settled on QSUD Euro 5w-40 and scarfed enough to do OCI's on my most used vehicles. The QS Euro was the same price as the old SuperTech Syn 5w-30 which they also don't carry. I don't buy oil at the auto parts stores anymore because their prices are outrageous. We have two WalMart's in our area but we are a small community and I think we are the last stop for the delivery trucks and we get the left-over scraps.
If QS raises their prices and M1 doesn't, It may become an option.
I wonder if the producers are supplying their higher profit retailers first.


Jun 25, 2002
southwest Mo.
I have not been following the HPL threads but it does look like a very good oil. I went to their site and checked it out. The only vehicle I would consider using it in would be my Mustang but I don't drive enough miles per year to justify the cost of it.
Sep 20, 2018
I wonder what is the advantage of running long life oil at short mile oil changes?
When there is the probability that something like fuel dilution will deplete the add pack, a beefier add pack and/or higher viscosity are remedies to consider.

It has been known for the old M1 EP to be recommended for shorter OCIs also.

For me, investing in protective highest quality motor oil is a pleasure, and it comes at the additional mere cost of two Starbuck's coffees per month.