Alternate oil for Hyundai SP-4. Dealer wants $40/liter

Oct 1, 2015
Hyundai Santa-Fe 2016 AWD with a 2.2 Diesel in India. Current mileage is 50000km.

Transmission is the A6LF3. Oil specified in the owners manual is Hyundai SP IV or Zic SP IV. From various VOA's KV 100 is ~5.6

The dealers want 40$ per liter of Hyundai Branded MX4 - Hyundai India which is the only oil available through the official dealerships.

I understand that multi ATF's are not recommended. But I really don't see any option but to use an multi ATF.

Multi ATF's available in India.

Mobil Multi ATF KV 100 - 6.4 - Multi ATF

Liqui Moly 1800 KV 100 - 5.8 - Liqui Moly

ZIC Multi ATF KV 100 - 7.2 - ZIC ATF

Any recommendations.

Thank you.
Jun 3, 2002
In the United States, SP IV (SP 4) was superseded by SP IV M (SP 4 M), which I "think" was a change to full synthetic. The few OEM licensed aftermarket products still go by SP 4 ......maybe they were full synthetic from the start?????? I.E., ZIC SP 4 is still SP 4:

Unless you get the Hyundai or Kia OEM product or one of the 2 or 3 recommended aftermarket products, everything else will not be licensed, but their label will state "suitable for use". The aftermarket manufacturer claims they tested and approve their product as suitable.

It's a personal decision to use a "suitable for" product. Having said all of this, many people across the internet claim successful results with the multi-vehicle products that state "suitable for use" for SP 4 and/or SP 4 M. In the U.S., Valvolene Maxlife is a popular alternative. IF any of your suggestions show suitable for SP 4 or SP 4 M, you "should" be o.k.. Again, its a personal decision and depends on your beliefs about not using OEM products.

Good luck!!!!! I've been running an aftermarket product in mine for 6 years with no problems.......yet, knock on wood.
Jan 24, 2018
I've used Castrol Transmax Import Multi-Vehicle in my Hyundai and it runs great.

Its about 25 a gallon in the states.