All this talk about GC and no complaints about the leaky bottles

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
Why is it that the Castrol bottles are the only ones on the shelf that have leaky bottles......can't they just put a bit more R&D into it ?

My M1 bottles share a similar design...and they are never oily to touch.

Ain't complaining - just pondering...
Nobody routinely opens new bottles of M1 to sniff for gummy bears.
Personely I try not to sniff my oil! Some how I can not see huffing hydrocarbons as a good thing!! I have had one bottle of M1 0W40 spontanious start leaking inside so the climate is controlled.
I'm not talking about open caps. Sealed caps. It's as if the Castol bottles are venting as most of them, some being worse than others always seem to have the oil drip from the edge of the cap going straight down.
See I get the opposite. At my AZ and WallyWorld the Castrol bottles are always clean and dry and the M1 bottles always have some sort of oily coating all over them. I guess it could be oil from another shelf leaking on them but this happens at two different stores

Originally posted by Gary Allan:
Nobody routinely opens new bottles of M1 to sniff for gummy bears.

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh.

I am guilty of doing this.
Chefwong is not off base. I counted 2 GC 'leakers' out of 4 bottles at a local AZ last week and this is common. It is one of the reasons I'm not interested in chasing this stuff aside from the fact its availability is for the most part hit or miss . Wavinwayne can't seem to get answers from Castrol about GC, the availability is poor and yes,they do leak. Oh, and most of Castrol suff is not a true synthetic, maybe with the exception of GC. No wonder Mobil rules the synthetic oil retail shelving wars.
The king of leaky bottles at the local walmart has to be the trop artic 5/30 synth blend. I presume it is in the filling segment that this happens as the caps are tight. (unless they ship the boxes upside down, but all 10 bottles I have gotten , plus every single one on the shelf are wet).

Every one of them is wet all down the side with the clear see-thru strip. Bad enough that I ask for a few paper towels around the corner in the tire center before getting them.

Oddly enough the 10/30 and 10/40 are nice and dry.

Man I wish they would get it in 5qt jugs.
Not all are leaky though. Other than a little moisty by the caps and some dust, most of the GCs I got were pretty much dry & leak free. Just try to tighten the cap well before you leave the store..
When GC first arrived here in Canada I noticed a lot of leaky bottles, probably one out of every four. But the newer batches seem a lot better. Now I probably only see one leaker out of ten bottles.

None of my 67 bottles in my stash are leakers either.
Same thing for M1 0W40 I often find them leaking or oozeing oil with the sealed cap still in place. I specificly dug to the back at AZ to get one of the newest redesigned bottles that did not have any oil on it. When I took it out of my car and into the house it was still fine. I latter opened up my Chemical nook to find it oozeing yelow/green oil.
I noticed on all my GC bottles I had to cinch the caps to prevent them from leaking if they tipped over in the box I'm storing them in. None of the seals were broken, just that the caps could use a little more tightening.
All the oil bottles I notice leaking on the shelves do not have the caps tightened...there is some play in the caps even though they are 'factory sealed' and if the bottle is turned over even for a second, there will be a slow leak beginning around the cap and spreading down the side eventually.

I simply always re-tighten the caps at time of purchase in order to ensure non-leakage in the car on the way home...
I've noticed this also. In the 4 or 5 Auto Zone stores in my area, I'd say about half of the GC bottles show signs of leakage.
I wish they would use foil seals like Redline and some others use.
Why on earth would I complain about an oil that aggressively fights its way from the bottle to find an engine in which to work its miracle of Love, Peace, Eurojoy, Happiness and wear reduction? I just don't understand the issue.
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