All hail the SBC!

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I'll agree that the sbc has come along way. There cheap to fix, find parts for them pretty much anywhere that has to do with cars and good motors all around. My first car was a 1984 Buick Estate Station Wagon with a 350 4bbl. That thing going down the road you would think it was a 2 cycle because I would have to add a quart every 500 miles or so. I bought that car for $400 and got 2 years out of it. I'll give credit,,,,,AR
I thought the link was going to be a picture of sbc350gearhead himself!
I'll bet there's some Honda 4 banger that will take over for the small block in the next 60 years.....based on what the younger generation is driving and modifying, and based on fuel prices.
SBC's, been there and done that. I've been laughed at for building a 305, but it turned a 14.1 in the 1/4 @102 MPH at National Trails for under $1000.00. Built a 385 also (.040 over 327 block, studded 2 bolt mains with a 400 crank).Anyone can build a SBC, it's too easy. Building something more obscure like a Pontiac 400 and putting it in a 3rd gen F body takes more effort. I gotta give the SBC credit, the parts are there for your fun. I dislike when I went to the goodguys meet here in columbus and saw too many ford cars with a SBC under the hood, and when I hear someone proclaim its because it looks better then the ford engine or I got $40k in it and I saved .03 cents with the SBC, I shake my head.
The only problem is se is the fact that it is no longer produced as a production engine. It was fine for it's time but their was nothing special about it other then the large number of them that were made and how cheaply they could be made for. Their have been and continuie to be much beeter engine designs then the SBC.

I think that the current Gen III and forward design's have the potenial to be much better engines if GM ever fix's the few little problems they have. If they would fix the piston slapp and oil consuption issue with them then it would be leaps and bounds better then the old SBC!

I played around with SBC's for reason and one reason only!!!! CHEAP!!!!!! People would give you a SBC complete right out of a car or truck for a case of beer or less. You could order HP parts for cheap or pick them up by barter for beer,cigarettes, etc...... This is the main reason so many kit cars includeing different makes like AC Cobra's kits had GM powertrains as well as old Ford roadster etc.....

I am holding out for GM to fix the current issues with their engines as I see these as haveing far greater potenial then the trusty but rusty old SBC!

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sbc350gearhead, how much money have you spent at the 11th ave Jegs store in columbus?

I typically shop in the reynoldsburg store. As to the money that I have spent...........probably close to 20k over the years.
JB........I love ya man but face it......for a combination of power, reliability, price and versatility.......the sbc has no least not yet.

JB I know that you are a closet chevy man.......just come on out and join the rest of us.
I'm kinda tired of every hot rod having the same engine. Gets borring!

Gimme some BB or RB Dodges, 425 nailheads and 351C Fords for a change.

Plus I never had good luck with my Personal SBC's. I couldn't keep the cam lobes on the cam and out of the bottom of the oil pan.
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