All BITOG Wisdom Condensed

Came back from my periodic hiatus this morning, and was awestruck to see that a new member had been busy turning my understanding of all things BITOG completely upside down in only a few short days: "Toyota has major sludge issues in their cars." "It is reputed that even if you **ss in it, it will run for 100K with no other oil change." "In Los Angeles, you can use 20W50 year round." "Dexron III is reputedly more slippery than Dexron." "If you want an excuse for replacing the clutch, go with MT-90." "Transmission failure in a moving car can be fatal." "The only fluids which are readily available is Redline MT-90 or GM Synchromesh." "Don't worry about the light. It is tuned for mineral based oil." "...but much more gimmicks like Marvel Mystery Oil etc." "Second, use conventional oil unless you plan to fix the transmission if it develop leaks." And last, but certainly not least: "I think the posters should make sure they know what they are talking about." Oh well... [I dont know] [ July 01, 2006, 02:46 PM: Message edited by: acewiza ]