Alignment done on my ranger

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Aug 13, 2011
Lakeside, CA
I was getting a little tire wear and figured my alignment might be a little off. We have a ton of pot holes around my work. It was off alright. I don't have the numbers but the tech had it dialed in pretty quick. When he was done I could see the screen had everything right in the middle of the green zones. He also did a very comprehensive inspection on the front end. Said everything looked great. Said it was hard to believe he was looking at a 15 year old truck. Truck drives a little better too. Im very happy with the outcome. I do all my own work normally but do have to farm out an alignment.
My 2300 was out of alignment @ 40-50K; i roasted a set of tires (they were horrible Conti somethings so not much lost) because I never bothered to look @ them. My impression was front end was the weak area of these vehicles, no?
I have a 2002 Ford Ranger. Never a problem with 'front end' alignment. I ended up getting 105,393 miles on the original tires. 99,591 miles, I took it in to have the alignment checked (out of curiosity). Everything looked good. 99,654 miles, I changed the outer tie rods - Had alignment done. 105,393 miles, Bought new tires. Had alignment checked. Off alittle. 108,644 miles, Had alignment checked (at end of 6 Month warranty). Off alittle. Conclusion: Alignments are a waste of money, unless: 1) Front end parts were replaced 2) Tire wear is visually uneven
The previous owner of my truck had done the ball joints right before I purchased it. Maybe no Alignment was done at that time. It was pretty far off when it first hit the rack.
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