Airwolf oil filter cutter

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In one shop they use a pipe cutter they bought for $20.00 at a salvage yard. It take a vice with hand made covers for the jaws but it works just fine.
The day I'd even consider spending ~$133 for an oil filter cutter for personal use, is the day you'll read about me in the news driving down the road throwing money out the window.

My HF exhaust cutter for $15-16 currently with 20% off coupon works adequately for filters up to 3&1/4" diameter which are all of mine. And the Summit, Longacre and other cutters for larger filters can be had for less than half of the linked cutter.

After all, it is just to cut open a filter.
I have one- but didn't pay that much for it though since I also work for one of their vendors.

It works quite well, as one would hope for that kind of money, BUT the single largest drawback to it is that it won't handle the smaller filters like the 51040's,51042's and the 51348's. I've made a small piece of steel in the shape of a shallow "V"to take up some of the room so the cutter will reach, but then the filter turns harder because it's not up against the rollers and the "V" likes to slide around. I will someday make something better.

When I made the purchase, I called them up and asked them about what size filters it would handle... They told me about the various aircraft numbers it would cut, which of course meant little me. I told them the diameter in inches of the filters I wanted to cut and they thought it would be okay... Not so much. I'm no airplane enthusiast and they don't mess with autos. Turned out to be a bad combination.
This one works well for me for a decent price
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