Airsoft vs real thing...

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Jun 1, 2011
I never got into airsoft, I kind of went right from paintball, hit puberty, and got real guns. So the whole it looks like a real gun yet its a toy thing confuses meconfused. I almost bought a Scar 17H the other day, would have if it wasn't already sold. Settled on an FN Fal. My conclusion is that its a toy for kids who are like 14. But [censored] is the attraction for older people? Buy the real thing! I [censored] my friends off who play video games all the time because I correct the games. At this point I own a lot of the pieces that are in the games, and to me its like [censored] that's not right.
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Perfect example: I'm extremely familiar with the MK23. My friend owns one and I have probably 500-600 rounds threw the real thing. This little toy gun is like [censored]. For a little kid its to realistic, for an older kid its not right. Graduate them onto the real thing. For someone who is 20 its sad.
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I was just a little bit older than 20 when I got my Spyder. Still have it. It only has one Spyder part left on it. Got my '98 Autococker at 30. Haven't played paintball in about...oh, ten years now except for an occasional scenario game or one time standing in for my friends' team when they were shorthanded for a tournament. All that, grown men hurling .68 caliber paint encased in gelatin at somewhere around 300fps depending on the field, emptying all my loader packs before I get to the other side of the scenario game field taking "enemy positions" and I still do not get Airsofts. shrug
I actually want the airsoft USP WalMart has. Im fairly certain it is close enough to lock into my holsters and I will be able to practice my draw without using the real thing.
Back at the start of college my roommates and I bought Airsoft guns and would shoot each other, shoot up the apartment, and shoot things in the parking lot. Damage was minimal except for plastic blinds. For $25 or so a piece the Airsoft guns provided some good entertainment for the couple of months they lasted. Most of the guns broke in one way or another and were thrown out. The real thing is great, but except for those lucky enough to have land in a rural area, it's not something you can just do on a whim. My real guns usually stay in their respective hiding places, and when I do take them out, I run through enough ammo to buy at least two decent Airsoft guns. Then I have to clean them, buy more ammo, etc. I'm not even a gun fanatic and even for me maintaining my real ones is much more involved than messing around with a $25 toy.
Been an avid hunter/shooter all my life, own lots of guns. Never felt the need to shoot at another human with a "toy" gun for fun. Just don't get it I guess. Not what I'd want my kid to learn. Wouldn't want to teach them it's OK to point a gun, toy or not, at another person -EVER (unless your life was threatened). LOVE the second ammendment, I express my right daily. Just seems wrong shooting at one another for the fun of it. FPS games on the PS3...but, as one who has carried real weapons, owns a few, and shoots regularly, I don't like airsoft guns...they desensitize people to shooting other human beings, and that is a dangerous side effect...JMO...
I don't fully agree with that sentiment, though I can understand it. I have never aimed a real gun at a person before, and I hope I never have to. The difference between the two is very distinct for me and I do not confuse them. I was shooting real guns years before I even knew what an Airsoft gun was though, so I was already well aware of the difference. I could see how the perspective might be different for someone who has shot an Airsoft gun, but who has not handled or shot a real gun before.
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