Air filter for 2005 Dodge Ram 4x4

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Dec 17, 2016
Hello, I just purchased a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with the 4.7L motor and 60,000 miles. I was wondering who makes good air filters? I don't want to purchase an aftermarket expensive filter just a good quality OEM replacement filter. I was thinking NAPA Gold since I use a lot of their oil filters but not sure if some one makes a better OEM filter. Thank you in advance.
a Fram from wallyworld is probably your best cheap choice. I like to get Wix from O'Reillys though. Napa gold is the same as wix
Any store brand will be sufficient, but if you plan on dirt road drivin everyday youll want to check it more often. Stp/napa/fram/wix/microgard will all work fine
I use Wix / Napa for my air filters on these trucks. One of the trucks had a Fram in it before but the Wix/NG I replaced it with had more material to it and felt like it was constructed better.
The OEM MOPAR air fitlers are actually really well made. I would see if you can find them cheaper online so you don't have to pay dealer markup. If not then the WIX and NAPA filters are also top notch like everyone else has already said.
Thanks guys I went with a Wix from Oriellys but will from now on order wix from Rock Auto as they are much cheaper. I already was using Wix oil filters along with Valvoline Max Life.
Not to alarm you but my son in law had a '04 with the 4.7 and he had to put a new engine in at 78k miles. He change the oil every 4.5 to 5.5k miles and it still sludged up real bad on the heads. I saw the pics after they took off the valve covers and I don't see how any oil got back to the pan from up there, it was bad. Looked like the oil just cooked up on top of the heads. I would suggest a high detergent synthetic oil and no more than 3 to 4k miles. I would also check the pvc system to make sure its working properly. ROD
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I had a 4.7 engine in an ,04 jeep grand Cherokee. I bought this new. Traded it this year with 235000 miles. Used M1 and did 5000 mile oci. Still ran strong and quite when we traded it. As long as the ,4.7 is maintained, it will last for many miles.
After recently replacing the air filter in my 2012 Ram with one from my stash, I discovered almost all air filters for late model Ram trucks have shrunk to 1.42" pleat depth including OES Mopar, Champion Labs / STP, FRAM EG & TG, Purolator classic, etc. If you want a full size 1.92" pleat depth air filter the only name brand I found currently being produced to that specification is the Carquest Premium 87725. I contacted Jay / Motorking at FRAM. Jay says FRAM produced the 9401 air filters through 2014 themsel es with 1.92" pleat depth, then subbed out production of this model number in 2015 to Champion Labs, which is when the FRAM 9401 air filter pleat depth was reduced from 1.92" to 1.42". I asked Autozone about the STP filters and got a response STP used 1.51" pleat depth until 2010 when they reduced to 1.42" matching the Champion Laboratories AF3590. Jay informed me FRAM is getting a new source for the 9401 filters with 1.92" pleat depth again and will have these availabile for direct order via their web site at the end of the year. For now, I bought a CQ Blue Premium 87725 for $14 after using on-line code SAVINGS for 30% off - less expensive than any of the 1.42" pleat depth filters!
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