Air cooled military truck

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Apr 6, 2004
Anyone familiar with a Pinzgauer? I need a recommendation for engine oil for an air cooled Puch motor. I am currently running 15w40 Chevron in it. These things have quite a condensation problem so I think I will most likely stick with a conventional oil as it will be changed often. Any brilliant suggestions? I also intend to change the 8 gearboxes to something synthetic. I used Redline shockproof before in my unimog with good results but Redline recommends the 80-140 instead of the shockproof. Why do you suppose they do that? thanks in advance.
Pinz/Mog/ all your missing is the Volvo C303/C306......That would be an interesting collection of vehicles. Shockproof is a racers gear oil. But, as you have found it, it works well in daily driven vehicles. Since you are probably gonna be offroading, I'd get the shockproof heavyweight and not worry about anything.
Yeah this is my second Pinz. The C303 would be great but I bet it is hot in the summer. The soft top version is just hideous looking so a Pinz it is. I will probably get the heavy shockproof.
What a fun truck! I think the 15W-40 is an excellent choice. I would be inclined to do UOAs on this, and on a monograde 40, though, as the 40 may give you better cylinder wear in an air-cooled. XD-3, Mobil 1240, and Delo 400 in SAE 40 would be my choices to experiment with.
I just changed the diffs and hubs to 80w140 Redline, the tranny to a blend of Mt90 and MTL. It is all around faster with the synthetic lubes. Of course it has 8 gear boxes so the benefits are probably exaggerated due to having so many moving parts. I will most likely stick with delo 15w40 in the engine although I am considering a run with 15w50 mobil and 10w40 redline to see if I notice any temp change once summer is in full swing.
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