air cooled engine question

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Mar 7, 2004
Latrobe PA
Your forum is EXCELLENT. Didnt know it existed until yesterday. Hope I can be a cotributor in the future. QUESTION: I have been considering Mobil 1 for my new air cooled Kawasaki Quad. It is a simple engine-single cylinder, two valves. It is equipped with an oil cooler and a fan(stock) I am at 50 hours and just changed oil again. I installed Pennsoil 10w40 dino as per oners manual, and cross referenced a Super tech oif filter from a Mazda(bigger than stock but a perfect fit. I have been planning on using Mobil 1 at 100 hours--didnt know until last night that I could have used syn or I would have on this oil change. What weight Mobil 1 is suggested(they dont have 10w40) Will I notice any performance enhancement with the Syn??? I do understand it will run cooler, right?? I change my oil about every 50 hours--is mobil 1 syn the right choice? appreciate any educated response. thanx
Well Mobil 1 would be an excellent choice. They do make a 10W40 called MX4T, wich is intended for Motorcycles and Four wheelers etc. Not all stores that carry Mobil will have this but if you call around you should be able to find it. Also Amsoil makes a great 10W40 synthetic, and so do Schaeffers and Redline. The 0W40 Amsoil would be another great choice. [ March 09, 2004, 01:59 PM: Message edited by: hk33ka1 ]
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