Air bubble on the dipstick

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Aug 15, 2002
I know this topic has been discussed before, but I need more details on when we can till if there is an overfill. Right now, I estimate that I am about 5-7 ounces over capacity. I didn't worry about this because I figured if it's less than 1/2 quart, it shouldn't be a concern. But yesterday, when I shut off the car and checked the dipstick, there was one big bubble on the dipstick. After about two minutes, I pulled the dipstick out again, and no bubbles - everything looked normal. So is it normal to see one or two bubbles IMMEDIATELY after shutting off the car? There was no evidence of "foaming" as there was just that one air bubble. So am I being paranoid or should I drain some out?

Now that you mention it I used to get some minor foaming on my TDI with the factory oil. Now that Schaeffer's is in the crankcase I have not noticed it. Maybe its the antifoam agent in most diesel rated oils.

I wouldn't worry with it. If your crank shaft were striking the oil you'd know it.
Anything less then 1 quart over full is not to be worried about. Seeing a one or even 6-7 lttle well seperated bubbles is no big deal. If you see foaming then you have an issue.
It's most likely the oil. I have seen many guys run the 15w40s in hydrostats on these high dollar mower units and they'd experience "bubbles" in their tank after running. That's why most liked schaeffers as it didn't do that.

As JB said, 1 qt isn't going to cause a problem with crank whip as it isn't enough to get that high.
Thanks for the advice guys. I wish I had read it earlier because I just drained out about 7 ounces this morning just to be safe. It'll be interesting to see if there are air bubbles after a good drive later on. If there are, then I know it's the oil like Bob said.
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