AGM Battery Failure

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Jan 26, 2012
Hawkinsville Ga
Due to a freak storm this week, we had to rely on our generator for several days. We have a Scorpion YTX14 AGM battery in it that is six years old. It started the gen several times during refueling/oil checks and then, poof, complete failure and it's only measuring 0.41 vdc. I'm thinking the vibration maybe broke a plate? Luckily, the replacement is only around $60 so the replacement won't be too awful. I don't think six years life is too bad....was expecting more but I also don't think this battery really owes me anything.
It is mounted on the frame but I was thinking of using it to start only and removing it while it's running (we must be thinking alike). I could easily operate it that way but I would have to leave it hooked up for my wife when I'm gone so it may just be one of those said, I don't think six years and probably 250 hours or so use (counting quarterly runs) is all that bad. I was a little disappointed it failed but I guess not really surprised. It's a bear to pull-start and she would never be able to start it without electric.
AGMs are not immune from failure. I like them for some applications, but why folks swoon over them is beyond me. Sounds like a shorted cell that caused reversal. If the battery is not kept at proper float voltage at a temperature around 25 Celsius, it's going to last around that long...
Yes, I realize they will fail. Our snow blower has an almost identical AGM and it's pushing ten years....I think the gens vibration, for the most part, caused the failure. I was just curious to see what type of responses I would get....the battery is ordered ($58 w/free shipping) so it's not a big deal either way. FWIW, I spec AGM batteries in all of our emergency (ARFF, fire and medic) and snow removal equipment (high-speed plows brooms and blowers) and dead batteries have become a thing of the past. I don't purchase AGM's for L/D support vehicles.
AGMs are more resilient, but not indestructible. 6 years is on the 'young' side for a failure, but not hugely surprising.
I use AGM`s in my 2 snowmobiles and 4 watercraft. I have had them fail as soon as two years, and had them last over ten years. Six years I would say average
The degrading side reactions present in Pb-acid batteries dont vary between flooded and agm types.
The compression inside the cell is greater in a AGM battery vs a flooded. The fiberglass mats hold the paste tighter and even when the paste hardens and starts to flake off it holds it in place. What usually happens is the paste and grid will just turn to mush.
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