AGIP PC 5w-40 Synthetic ?

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Sep 20, 2002
New York, NY
Anyone know anythign about this oil?
group III Group IV?

Availaibility/Price in USA?

Group IV or V...when I bought in May of 03 (PC SYN 5W40) $69.29 for a case of 12 including shipping...before shipping less than $4.00/'s the shipping that kills ya
Yep , group IV/V . Bought two cases of 12 yesterday for 3.91 a liter .

They " AmericanAGIP " are redoing their website I was told and will sell online and are bringing more of their oils over than is currently offered . They have some killer 30wts . I'll try to find a link to post with some of the Euro offerings and Masserati specific oils ect.
WE use this stuff at work, our cost is $36.00 a case of 12.Seems ok but in cold weather Mobil 1 seems to flow alot better.Agip also makes a killer synthetic oil, I think its called somthing like RSX ? The Agip salesman said that this was the oil that alot of Ferrari's use but I think he said it was about $12 a litter.I think if you have to order it and pay s&h you would be better off with Schaffer's blend.
I'm looking forward to seeing more high end synlubes comming to the US market. I'm going to check out Agip. Hopefully Pennzoil will role out their PAO synthetics by year end.
Johhny from Pennzoil says they make some very high end oils, used by prof. race teams that are Ester/PAO and they are thinking of bringing them out to the retail market by year's end. They will be pricey though according to him.

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Hopefully Pennzoil will role out their PAO synthetics by year end.

What new PAO engine oils are in store from them ?

I think he means their new EOP oils. EOP is Pennzoil's new (and patended) synthetic base oil, which unlike Group IIIs is a true (polymerized) synthetic which is chemically very similar to PAO. The name of this new synthetic is "Pennsyn."

Here is a Shell press release about this new synthetic oil. (Remember, Shell now owns Pennzoil.)
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