AGIP oils???

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May 28, 2002
I saw these available recently at a local specialty shop sitting next to Amsoil's stuff. Any comments on these? Are they good? Anyone used them?
How do you pronounce that, "A-JIP?"
We use the stuff at work, it's OK, nothing special. I do know that the 55 gal. drum of 5w30 stays outside and when it's cold out the stuff is like honey.I think you would better off with Castrol or penz.The sales rep. did however tell me that Agip makes an awesome synthetic that is made in Italy, but it cost somthing like $10.00 a quart.
How much do they sell it for up here and what viscosities?

There are a lot of oils from Europe that are "supposedly" very good. I keep hearing about Motul as well.
We get it through my job and it costs about $14.00 a case "alot cheaper by the 55 gal. drum maybe .75 a quart" for the 5w ,10w and the 5w20, I used their 80w90 gear oil in an old truck I had and it worked out really well. One of my coworkers has been using it for years in his Nissan pick up with no problems. Maybe I should do a run with it in my truck and see what the numbers come back with. Also Patman , I don't think their dino oil is made in Europe, just their top end synthetics As per the rep.

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Long time ago, my neighbour had a Volvo fitted with a high boost aftermarket turbo. Used GTX, and I could never convince him to idle down. Screwed a bearing assembly.

Work had a heap of Agip Sint 2000, which he bought for $10 per litre. Was supposedly not compatible with mineral, so he gave it a nominal flush, and ran that stuff, still didn't idle down. Didn't wreck turbo either.

He'd drain the Volvo, and put the used synthetic in his "beater" for extended drains, with the risk being borne by a Datsun 1200.

Another AGIP experience. The last power station that we commissioned in this state was built, then put into storage for 7 years (a proposed aluminium smelter fell through).

The mills on one unit were stored with Shell, and the other unit with AGIP (long - political - story). The hydraulics were run once a month for a day. THe oil heaters remained in service 24/7.

After 7 years, the Agip oil was almost solid and black. The shell still looked good.

Problem turned out to be too high a watt density on the heater, but one oil cooked, and the other didn't.

BTW, we had another Agip affiliated contractor on site who called the logo "the dog with two d*&ks".
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