AFE vs. S&B intake for the Mustang.

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Nov 23, 2009
Suffolk County, NY
I had a JLT2 intake system on my car with a tune written by Brenspeed stored on an SCT2 programmer. Made 27 at the wheels (no joke). The fitment absolutely stinks! Burned a hole in the filter and hood installation. I'm in the market for another intake. I was looking at the two above. What are your experiences? I know those names are big in the Diesel world. My buddy will write me another tune for it. My main concern is fitment. Thanks!
All I can tell you is that I have an AFE on one of my Silverados. It fits perfectly, has a real nice shroud and dry filter, and got me another mpg. It's a decent brand for sure. They really sweated the details as it is tied down even better than the factory intake!
I come from the BMW scene, but I have friends into all kinds of different cars/trucks/bikes/etc so I learn what I can... Out of the many, many intakes I have had on my 328, I would say $/hp, the AFE wins by a longshot... Yes, a $1800 one-piece CF intake+manifold is nicer, but I still have an AFE in my engine bay for a reason... Get the ProDryS, excellent filtration and flow, FAR AND AWAY the best balance of the two out of the maybe 2 dozen filters I have used... We are talking never higher than 3ppm Si, and even that much is a rare thing, from a CONE FILTER IN THE BUMPER PARTLY FED FROM A BRAKE DUCT! It does not get better than that...
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