advice on 3 GM's: '00 & '03 5.3 + '05 2.2

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Feb 1, 2005
South Texas
I need to service the radiator fluid on 3 GM's. 2000 Silverado 1500 5.3 with under 50k miles. 2003 Tahoe with 98k miles. 2005 Malibu Classic 2.2 with 55k miles. All have the original fluid. I want to use the Prestone Flush kit with the attachments for a garden hose to flush. Which fluid should I use? Dex-Cool or Peak Long Life? Other recomendations. In all three vehicles the fluid does not look dirty. Does Napa still make NAPA KOOL and is it compatible with Dex-Cool? Thanks.
Drain and refill with 50/50 Dex-Cool and Distilled Water. No need to flush or make a big mess.
Any Dex Cool will work without a problem. Napa Makes a Dex Cool with their name on it, I have seen it. However, it might have been discontinued at some time and replace with something like Peak Universal. Prestone All Makes has the same ingredients as Dex Cool, it is simply dyed differently. Usually it costs $1-$3 less than actual Dex Cool. Check all vehicles for deposits in the cooling system. If you see deposits, use a flush chemical. If not, just drain and fill.
I agree. No flush. Just drain and fill w/ dex cool. Don't mix types, that's when problems arise. I don't believe in universal fluids. One size fits all may work ok, but it probably doesn't fit right.
I would like to get most of the fluid out. Wouldn't a flush kit get the old fluid out? I can collect the fluid and recycle it, so that is not a problem. The fluid in the '00 Silverado is original. It has less than 50 k miles, so I'm more worried about the age of the fluid. Is Prestone Flush additives compatible with Dex-Cool? Thanks
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