Advice for maintenance sequence

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Jan 23, 2014
Hi guys, I want to do the following to my 6G74 Diamante and was hoping to get advise in what sequence to do them. 1. Run fuel system cleaner, oil flush and change oil 2. Replace valve stem seals, clean lifters, replace injectors Initially I wanted to do #2 first so then I could run fuel system cleaner and hopefully clean up valves etc from the oil getting past the valve seals, however I am a bit concerned about getting the lifters dirty again from the oil flush and hence thinking maybe it's better to do the flush first and then manually clean the lifters?
JMO, but I'd be tempted to run a fuel system cleaner then flush and drop the oil, pull it apart to check/clean/replace, and fill it with a cheap mineral oil to run for a few minutes, then drop and fill with your choice of oil&filter. Only issue i see with your proposed routine is changing the oil then opening the engine up to repair&rebuild which means plenty of time open to atmosphere and plenty of chance for swarf/dust/crud to contaminate the freshly filled oil when it goes back together. YMMV smile
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