Advance Auto on Syn Oils

Got this little gem off the Advance Auto website: Quote While synthetic oil is superior stuff, it's still petroleum-based, just like non-synthetic oil. Its molecule size is synthesized, which improves start-up lubrication and enhances flow. But there's nothing in it that will make it last and protect twice as long as the regular stuff. UnQuote I guess ExxonMobil missed the ball on their new line of M1 oils then. I'll have to ask the guy at the counter to elaborate on this next time I'm down there [Roll Eyes]
Akron, OH
Looks like they're pimping the Jiffy Lube "3000 mile" mantra, facts be danged. Synthetic bases break down more slowly than conventional and they have stronger additive packs that will take longer to deplete. Oh well. I doubt the guy who chose to put that information on the web site cares what the truth is.
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
Gotta love it when the ** meter goes off. It's like most stuff from "our press". Condensed and dummied down by dummies. I'm sure they meant to say that synthetic oil can be derived from petroleum products.....but after that their logic came out their a.s.s. Now here's a gem to take home:
Using the red "oil pressure warning" light (not to be confused with the oil change interval light) as a signal to change the oil is a bad idea
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