Advance Auto House Brand

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Jul 31, 2003
Just wondering who manufactures the house brand oils for Advanced Auto Parts. I picked up some bulk 10w-30 and Dextron III for my winter vehicle and the label was no help.

On the front label of the 10w-30 it reads "Compare to Havoline" and on the back it reads" This product is not manufactured or distrubuted by Chevron..."
Speculation on my part, but I would say Coastal. This is based on the State of North Carolina's re-call of Coastal and Advance Auto branded 5W-30 in January 2004.
On the other hand, if Advanced Auto Parts switched suppliers after the Coastal fiasco, Valvoline might be the next logical aternative. Again, pure speculation.
I wouldn't use house brands but only for beaters. with house brands, you never know what your gonna get. so far, I haven't been impressed with any of the housebrands.
Not really. Like I said, I went cheap because I know it won't be used long. Basically I'm just curious and I was hoping I got a "sleeper" oil. Better yet a sleeper oil in gallon containers for under $4!

I just emailed their tech support with the same question. When I hear back I'll post their reply. I'm sure that there aren't a bunch of people in heated suspense over the manufacture of some parts house brand of oil, but curiousity got the better of me!
haley, you were right:

"Mr. crashz,
Thanks for your e-mail. Coastal Unilube manufactureres Advance Auto oil and
Customer Contact Center"

This was my responce to the previous question.
I picked it up cheap just to do an ARX treatment and get the truck running again. Even if its the worst qaulity oil that will meet API standards, it better than what is currently in the truck now. The oil thats in it has probably been run past its useful life (my father is not so good with regular maintenance)and then parked 3 years ago. Before I even atempt to start it, I will change the engine, trans, transfer case and gear lubes. It will give me someting to do while I wait for the battery to charge.

My first impression of the house brand was that it was re-bottled Havoline aka Chevron. Thought I struck gold unitl I got it home and read the back label. Bummer.

BTW - the ATF says "Coampare to Valvoline" on the front label and reads "This product is not manufactured or distrubuted by Ashland..."
The "Compare To" is just marketing and may mislead some consumers.

With house brands, it could likely be Valvoline, Warren, Coastal at any one time.

Actually, if Advance Auto oil is formulated to their specs. and price point as it surely is, would it matter who does it??
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