Additive to quiet automatic transmission?

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Jan 7, 2009
Rochester, MI, US, World
My generation Focus has a transmission that is known to be a little "whiney". The transmission shifts perfectly, so no problems there. I'm just curious if any transmission additives would help quiet it down?
Originally Posted By: Trav
You could try Lubeguard in it.
+1 That's about all I'd put in an automatic transmission that isn't ATF.
^Another vote for Lubegard Red here. Adding 1 pint shouldn't overfill, just make sure it isn't over already. wink
Originally Posted By: Klutch9
Dang BITOG persuasion techniques! I'm picking up a 10oz bottle on my way to work. I'll give it a few days to work itself in and report back.
May take around 500 miles to fully show any type of improvement. Good luck.
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