Additional phone line app?

Mar 8, 2005
Venturing into a new business and need an additional phone line or a dedicated local mobile number.

Problem being I do not want to carry a second phone, as it would be another something to keep up with, charge, not to mention the extra cost of the phone and plan.

Anyone have any experience with this type of app for Apple ISO. Something with a phone tree, recording, auto text reply, business hours, out of office message and fax would be great.

We still maintain a landline and Ooma is no different than any phone provider which almost all now use the internet. We have had Ooma about a decade now, we use the free service they offer but tons of options that they have.
With free all you pay is the taxes and FCC charges everyone pays, in our area that’s about $6 a month.
The only expense is the device that you plug into your router and phone gets plugged into the device
You can buy it direct or a simple search will show places like retails Best Buy ect about $100 for equipment.

Lots of options but not sure if this is what you are looking for.
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Look at Vonage. You get a VOIP phone so you have a home phone. And you can setup Vonage extensions on a cell to ring your cell at same time it rings the home phone. And unanswered calls get the message recorded and sent as an email.
Since you have a iPhone check this out. If you have the right model you can use a e-Sim. If not you could upgrade to a newer model.

I've been using Google Voice for my primary number for 12 years now, I love being able to get texts and calls on any device.
Google voice is decent if you can find a local number on it.

Have used it for 10 years at least for my consulting business and includes SMS (texting too). The forward rules and methods on your main line are incredible with smartphone, web browser or even land line.
I use google voice as the phone number I give to sales people. I.E. I don't want it to disturb me, but I do want to listen to the V-Mail when I'm ready.
You can probably get such a number at first to see how the business goes. If you then need something a bit more direct, the multiple SIM or eSIM suggestions may be worth exploring so that one phone handles both numbers.