Adding Boron?

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Oct 12, 2011
Can it be done? We are filtering Spartan EP 460 gear oil. After analysis we are finding that the filter process is removing the contaminants we want, but is reducing our boron levels as well. Analysis of a virgin sample and a sample of virgin oil filtered shows we are starting with 19ppm of boron and after filtering it drops to 11ppm. We're looking at way to add boron back to the oil but not add any silly ingedients we don;t need or want. Thanks!
One sample will not tell you anything. The test is not that accurate. Multiple samples will be needed to see a trend. Trying to add that little of an additive would be difficult I would think.
Even if you had the proper chemical forms of Boron, it most likely will stay in suspension and be useless. The filter is most likely not filtering out the Boron. This reading was so close it would have been in the margin of error of the UOA. Lastly 19ppm's of Boron isn't a very significant amount to start with anyway, you need to use an oil with more if you want the effects. I would not really worry about it if you had good wear on your UOA.
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I realize this may be not your typical first post response (as I recently joined the forum) but I wanted to weigh in with chubbs1 + Q: Adding Boron is not as simple as just going to your local chemical company and picking up some various borates or borated sulphonates and mixing it in with your oil (unless of course you are a lubricant blender). Resampling and checking the accuracy of your test is the best way to go; a loss of 8ppm of boron could be a result of filtering as some of the boron found in the virgin oil may also have operated as a detergent acting on some of the contaminants you wanted removed. If you want to increase your boron levels then you need an oil with more boron in it to begin with (like chubbs1 said). There are additives that also contain boron, but they are few and far between and if your wear is properly under control then don't worry too much about it (reliable additive companies that do use boron usually aren't advertising it). Remember that boron is part of only one of about 5 EP/AW compounds that are used in your oil. There are several good threads on Boron on this site if you want more info. All in all - just monitor your wear, knowing that your boron levels are a low. So keep that in mind while doing your sampling and watch for a trend.
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