Adding a qt of synthetic to max life syn blend?

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Apr 11, 2009
New Jersey
Hey this is probably a dumb question My truck takes 6 qts I buy the 5 qt jug of Maxife and usually a single qt of Max Life for the 6th. I was thinking of using a qt of super tech synthetic or even the Valvoline Synthetic. Is this ok I figure it would just make it more of a blend.
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Best if you add 1 quart Maxlife full synthetic, second best would be Valvoline Synpower.
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it's generally MUCH more economical to buy a 2nd jug and use what you need. eventually it evens out.

^^ Above is good advice I would follow! ^^
You'll be diluting the add pack of the Maxlife a little ( seal conditioners, etc ), but to answer your question, yes, it's OK to do that. I've never heard of any evidence that suggests mixing oils is harmful.
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