Add some of "The Brew" periodically?

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Sep 8, 2003
South Florida
Going to be mixing up my first batch as soon as the ingrediants arrive. Have an '01 Toy RAV 4 w/ only 20k miles. Holds 4 qrts of M1 10w-30 oil and was going to add a half pint of Brew at oil change.
Do you add more Brew periodically thru the oils cycle? How much?
Can The Brew be used in the Tranny?

Originally posted by Pablo:
Ok I'll bite. What is "the brew"?

I think he's talking about the MolaKule brew, which I believe contains Schaeffer #132 along with Lube Control.
I am using the brew in 5 cars now, I believe the answer is no, you add about 1-3 oz of LC per 1000 miles after the initial brew. Suggested ratio of 3:1 #132 to LC and 8 oz of the brew at time of oil change primarily for dino oils and Mobil 1. Also, the brew should not be used with redLine and if using Amsoil the #132 is, perhaps, not necessary just the LC. I use Amsoil and the brew The brew may, it appears, change the viscocity of the Amsoil from a 30W to a low 40W. It did on my first UOA on one car but because it is a high mileage car this is fine with me. Also produced some of the lowest wear numbers I have seen in many years on this engine but that is only one sample, nothing more. So, verdict is still out.

Perhaps others can chip in their formulas or usage.

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What's Lube Control. I must have been sleeping.
Look under the additive thread and Bob has a post on the new site supporter for Lube Control. Odis Beaver is the developer. An additive to extend the life of oil by reducing nitration/oxidaton and insolubles. Also, may have some cleaning abilities as well. The contact on the aditive thread should be able to provide more info.

That's MolaBrew 001. (hehe) Sorry, Gremilns not working now.

No need to add brew during use interval.

You can add 1 oz. of LC per 1,000 miles after initial brew.

Originally posted by MolaKule:
You can add 1 oz. of LC per 1,000 miles after initial brew.

Does it boil off? What if there's no oil loss, would you wait til the filter is changed and then add extra make-up ounces for the missing K's?

Originally posted by MolaKule:
That's MolaBrew

So what would you call the fuel "brew" then?

Since we all like acronyns with capital letters, I say MolaBrew for the oil could be MBO, and Molabrew for the fuel could be MBF. Whaddaya think?
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