acura tsx k series?

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May 20, 2004
so cal
hey guys new to this what is the best oil and filter combo should i get? what should be my oci the manual say 10k for normal and 5k for severe? im interested in m1! funny when i called my dealer to change my factory oil he wants me to do it on 10k but i insist he did it on 5k. but some dealers wants me to do it every 3750? acura dealers are inconsistent! i lived in so cal so it gets hot 90+ easy. and one more thing my dad drives a 90 toyota previa with over 345k miles its still good with dino oil at first he was doing 3k oci and now i think 5k. thanks
Well, my son has 5K miles on his TSX. I don't know what the "K" series is . But I assume the engine is the 2.4?? Antway, he just had the dealer do the first oil change bc I couldn't get there to do it. If you plan on goin to the limits that Acura recommends a synthetic would be a good move. Mobil 1 10W-30 would seem to be a good choice. We'll probably go with the K&N oil filter. Not sure what oil we will use in his vehicle. Probably will be the Schaeffer's 5W-30 Blend.
does k have to do with CA emissions?

use m1 and a nice filter and go 10K.

i can't fathom paying more than $5-8 on an oil filter. how much does a wix or napa gold/something similar cost?

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K is the new serie of Honda engine (rsx/si = k20, crv/accord/tsx = k24).

K series are DOHC engine using a technology called i-vtec. They have variable valve lifting and the ECU can change the timing of the intake cam (for torque).
I am going to have my TSX's oil changed this week. I have 5k miles and I am going to go Honda filter and Chevron Supreme Synthetic @ 10k miles. Many debates on this board about Group III oil change intervals. Honda lets you go 5k to 10 k, so I am going Supreme Synthetic @10k. I gave serious consideration to Chevron Supreme @ 5k, but decided against it due to the inconvienience of more frequent changes.
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