ACDelco Platinum Plug line-up

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Aug 30, 2004
ACDelco has three different types of Platinum Spark Plugs. They are:

1) Rapidfire- $4.69
2) Professional Platinum
3) Extended-Life Platinum

Autozone has an ACDelco "Platinum" Plug, and they sell it for $5.99. I'm not sure if that's the Professional or Extended Life Platinum, but I'm suspecting that it's the former.

It'd be great if someone could explain to me the differences between the three, and which of the three are the best. This is for a '96 Saturn that originally came w/NGK Copper Plugs.

Never heard of two different platniums. As far as I know they have the Rapidfire(single platnium) and the Double platnium.

The Rapidfires will last longer then a copper plug with many of the platnium benefits, but will eventually wear the ground electrode. The double platniums will last darn near forever.
The copper does not wear, or induce extra wear. It is internal, for heat dissipation.
You can have copper plugs with or without platinum tips.
The model name to me is really irrelevant. Is it safe to say that all ACDelco Platinum Plugs, with the exception of the Rapidfire line-up, are double platinums? That's whats important to me. As it appears now, both the Professional Platinum and Extended Life Platinum are both double platinum plugs. The ACDelco's identification page says all #s 800-999 are Double Platinum, while farther up the page, it says that 800- (platinum) and 900- (double platinum). So confusing.
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